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CaseXplorer Arbitration is an online case evaluation tool where the user presents a panel of evaluative arbitrators with a set of facts and/or legal arguments relating to a prospective case in order to obtain the arbitrators’ perceptions and opinions about specific areas and questions. In brief, it is typically an attempt by plaintiff or defense counsel, or other interested parties to understand how arbitrators are likely to view a particular matter in advance of going to an actual arbitration. CaseXplorer Arbitration can also be utilized at the same time an actual arbitration is pending.

Using the AAA CaseXplorer Arbitration Search tool, users typically select three or five arbitrators from AAA’s database of arbitrators available for participating in the CaseXplorer Arbitration process. With this tool, users can search the full roster of CaseXplorer Arbitrators by keyword, expertise and locale. As part of this process, users are required to provide party information regarding themselves as well as the other side to the dispute (i.e., names of persons, firms, companies) in order to facilitate conflicts checks and disclosures by prospective CaseXplorer Arbitrators. Arbitrators whom the user knows are currently serving on another matter involving either side (or their counsel) to the dispute may not be selected.

Arbitrators appointed to CaseXplorer Arbitration cases are provided pre-drafted questions, or users can draft their own questions. The CaseXplorer Arbitrators’ reactions are collected and the responses are returned to the users as soon as the feedback from all of the arbitrators is completed. This process usually takes three or four days.

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if you need assistance, a DecisionQuest experienced consultant can assist with the design and execution of an CaseXplorer Arbitration study – and can also be available to review the results and interpret them once the study has been conducted. Please click here for assistance.

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