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What is CaseXplorer Arbitration?

CaseXplorer Arbitration is an online case evaluation tool where the user presents a panel of evaluative arbitrators with a set of facts and/or legal arguments relating to a prospective case in order to obtain the arbitrators’ perceptions and opinions about specific areas and questions. In brief, it is typically an attempt by claimant and respondent counsel, or other interested parties to understand how arbitrators are likely to view a particular matter in advance of going to an actual arbitration. CaseXplorer Arbitration can also be utilized at the same time an actual arbitration is pending.

Using the AAA CaseXplorer Arbitrator Search tool, users typically select three or five arbitrators from AAA’s database of arbitrators available for participating in the CaseXplorer Arbitration process. With this tool, users can search the full roster of CaseXplorer Arbitrators by keyword, expertise and locale. As part of this process, users are required to provide party information regarding themselves as well as the other side to the dispute (i.e., names of persons, firms, companies) in order to facilitate conflicts checks and disclosures by prospective CaseXplorer Arbitrators. Arbitrators whom the user knows are currently serving on another matter involving either side (or their counsel) to the dispute may not be selected.

Arbitrators appointed to CaseXplorer Arbitration cases are provided pre-drafted questions, or users can draft their own questions. The CaseXplorer Arbitrators’ reactions are collected and the responses are returned to the users as soon as the feedback from all of the arbitrators is completed. This process usually takes three or four days.

How Much Does it Cost?

CaseXplorer Arbitration is a flat fee service which includes the use of this tool, allowing the upload of written and video content, the inclusion of questions, the payment to all arbitrators, a notification of a completed study and the final report.

Price to create research:
$15,750 - Three Arbitrators

$21,250 - Five Arbitrators

How Do I Create My CaseXplorer Arbitration ?

The following screens will guide you through the steps you need to create your research. You will not be charged until the end when you will be asked to provide your credit card information and confirm that you want the study to be created.

Begin the process by clicking on Create New study and follow the steps listed.

If you need help, you can view a tutorial on how to create CaseXplorer Arbitration by clicking the following link: [ Research FAQ ]

When we have your responses, you will be sent an e-mail that will allow you to access them. You can also log into this site directly and go to the [ My Research ] section to see your responses.

Confidentiality Requirements of Participants

Confidentiality is a very important aspect of the CaseXplorer Arbitration process. Before taking part in any study, all evaluative arbitrators are required to agree to keep all information related to the study confidential. Please note that, while CaseXplorer Arbitrators will have a general obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information about a CaseXplorer Arbitration case, they may need to divulge some party, company or lawyer/law firm information in order to conduct conflicts checks and to make appropriate and necessary disclosures. Arbitrators selected for a CaseXplorer Arbitration study would also be required to make disclosures in any future arbitration regarding their selection in the same manner as if they were appointed as an arbitrator to decide the underlying dispute. CaseXplorer Arbitration agrees hold in strictest confidence all proprietary information to which it may be given access. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, all recommendations, work, procedures and other information provided under this agreement shall be the property of the User. All work performed by CaseXplorer Arbitration and evaluative arbitrators shall be considered confidential attorney work product.

What if I do not know how to write questions I need to ask?

CaseXplorer Arbitration professionals rely on their training to create compelling questions that elicit concise responses. Our team of consultants has collected and developed a database of questions from working on over 18,000 cases. Now as a client of CaseXplorer Arbitration, you will have access to pretested questions for your case or you can write your own. Once you are logged in as a registered user, you will be able to chose a case type and then will be able to preview the questions for your research study.

Creating a mock arbitration in CaseXplorer Arbitration is very simple. You will be asked to name your case, identify it by case type, provide an explanation of the case to be arbitrated that will be shown to the mock arbitrators, and then you can chose from a list of pretested, case-specific questions or you can enter your own.

You can create several types of questions:

Open Ended Questions

Used for:  Getting opinions on a topic

What were the strongest points of each side?

Single Response Questions (select one response from a list)

Used for:  Getting a specific answer to a question

Do you think damages should be awarded?


Multiple Response Questions (select one or more responses from a list)

Used for:  Assessing preferences or reactions to the question. Can also be used to gather additional background information.

Who do you think should prevail in this matter? (select all that apply):

Yes/No Questions

Used for:  Getting an absolute answer to a question.

Used for:  Assessing preferences or reactions to the question. Can also be used to gather additional background information.

Do you feel claimant is asking for a fair settlement?

Do you feel the respondent is at fault in this matter?

Scale Response Questions

Used for:  Getting an absolute answer to a question.

Used for:  Establishing how much a respondent agrees with a statement

After reviewing the case, do you feel that all your questions have been answered?

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